Saunder is the largest Kingdom in Parlentsy. King Aebold rules over Saunder with an iron fist. His family has ruled Saunder for centuries and have been involved in countless wars over territory and ego.

Prior to King Aebold gaining the throne, Saunder was known as a militant power with eyes on taking over not only all of Parlentsy but all of Kraizan. Over the centuries Saunder tried countless strategies to take over, always thwarted by other kingdoms.

King Aebelt was Aebolds father and seeming end of the reign of militant kings in Saunder. King Aebold defeated former King Aebelt in combat to gain the throne, as was the custom with the Kings Saunder. Aebelt was removed from his role and given a Keep in the south to live out his days. The decision to spare Aebelt’s life went against tradition as combat was always to the death. King Aebold did not want his first action as King to be the taking of a life.

During King Aebold’s rule there have been no wars and little crime in Saunder, although the occasional skirmish does ensue . The people of Saunder know the rules and obey them, those that don’t are taught them quickly.

Even in these peaceful times Saunder still bolsters an impressive military lead by Commander Agien.

Brum Approximate Population: 110,000

Known Allies: None

Known Enemies: None

Main Attractions: TBD

Local Groups: TBD

Militant Power: 9/10


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