Brum is the second largest Kingdom in Parlentsy. King Ethes rules over Brum with a fair and just hand. He is known for quelling the most recent peasant uprising without bloodshed.

Prior to King Ethes taking over the throne from his late father Brum was known as a militant power with eyes on taking over all of Parlentsy. There were years of wars that cost all involved countless lives. This bloodshed was only ended when the late King Geith was slain and Ethes ascended to rule.

During King Ethes’s rule there have been no wars and little crime in Brum. Instead of going to war over diffrences King Ethes has instead prided himself on using diplomatic means.

Even in these peaceful times Brum still bolsters an impressive military lead by Commander Tate.

Brum Approximate Population: 100,000

Known Allies: None

Known Enemies: None

Main Attractions: TBD

Local Groups: TBD

Militant Power: 8/10