King Jerian

King Jerian was the ruler of Faszil, the lost kingdom


King Jerian was the ruler of Faszil, the lost kingdom. The kingdom fell into ruin during a war between Brum and Trint. King Jerian refused to side with either kingdom and became the enemy of both, ironically setting things in motion to end the era of war between the two kingdoms.

It is rumored that King Jerian did not side with either kingdom because deep down once they saw what could happen to a kingdom, attacked and left to ruin, it would usher in an era of peace that could not be obtained through mere words. King Jerian sacrificed his kingdom and his own life as a timeless testament to the horrors of war, and errors of man.

Others say that he was simply trying to avoid the conflict and wanted no part in a war that did not directly involve his people.


King Jerian

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